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New Owners AKA “The Rogues Gallery”

We endeavour to get a picture of every proud new scooter owner, here is a selection from over the years.
As part of the handing over process of our new bikes we always try and grab a photo of the new owners on their pride and joy. Here’s the result, our now famous Rogues Gallery!

Josh races off on his brand new MOTO GP replica RS 125

Steven very pleased with his new GTS 300 :)

Tawn and Lynsey ready to conquer roads!

Adrian with the latest Liberty iGet 125 ABS :D

Darren has done it again!!! This time brand new super Piaggio NRG!

Perfect upgrade - from Zip to Medley. Great choice Tom :)

Another PCP deal - excellent exchange Yourban for newer Yourban :)

Andy upgraded from PX to GTS with Dark Style pack.

Tom very happy with his brand new GTS

Fabio with the coolest 125 bike - RS4

Greg is ready to commute on the super comfy X10 350

Dawid has upgraded his GTS 2009 to the latest anniversary GTS 2016

Ionut with his brand new MTR 125

Anthony on cheap to run, comfy and fun way to get to the train station - Piaggio Zip

Henry with a final accessory for his boat :)

Pete has done it! :) On the road with style on the fantastic Primavera.

Derek is ready for a scooter rally with special edition Vespa PX 70th anniversary. Nice

Peter on his MP3 500 complete with top box and Piaggio Media system

Chris needed something nippy and agile so he got himself brand new Zip

David very happy with his classic Vespa S

Richard is ready for cruise with state of art MP3 500 Sport

Mr King with fantastic SR Motard

Rachana is scooter ready with her beautiful Primavera

Mike with the ultimate 125cc motorbike - Aprilia RS4 125

James on coolest 50cc - Aprilia MTR

Derek with the most technologically advanced 3 wheeler available - MP3 500 Sport ABS/ASR

Neil part exchanged his GTS 2006 for GTS Super 2016 ABS/ASR with personalized accessories.s

Mr & Mrs Green are getting ready for scooter rally on brand new GTS Super 300 ABS/ASR :)

Dee needed a transport for work - we had a perfect solution, Piaggio Fly 3V

It doesn't matter if you are junior or senior, Vespa is always good! Tim is enjoying his brand new GTS Super ABS/ASR

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