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New Owners AKA “The Rogues Gallery”

We endeavour to get a picture of every proud new scooter owner, here is a selection from over the years.
As part of the handing over process of our new bikes we always try and grab a photo of the new owners on their pride and joy. Here’s the result, our now famous Rogues Gallery!

Steven very pleased with his new GTS 300 :)

Tawn and Lynsey ready to conquer roads!

Adrian with the latest Liberty iGet 125 ABS :D

Darren has done it again!!! This time brand new super Piaggio NRG!

Perfect upgrade - from Zip to Medley. Great choice Tom :)

Another PCP deal - excellent exchange Yourban for newer Yourban :)

Andy upgraded from PX to GTS with Dark Style pack.

Tom very happy with his brand new GTS

Fabio with the coolest 125 bike - RS4

Greg is ready to commute on the super comfy X10 350

Dawid has upgraded his GTS 2009 to the latest anniversary GTS 2016

Ionut with his brand new MTR 125

Anthony on cheap to run, comfy and fun way to get to the train station - Piaggio Zip

Henry with a final accessory for his boat :)

Pete has done it! :) On the road with style on the fantastic Primavera.

Derek is ready for a scooter rally with special edition Vespa PX 70th anniversary. Nice

Peter on his MP3 500 complete with top box and Piaggio Media system

Chris needed something nippy and agile so he got himself brand new Zip

David very happy with his classic Vespa S

Richard is ready for cruise with state of art MP3 500 Sport

Mr King with fantastic SR Motard

Rachana is scooter ready with her beautiful Primavera

Mike with the ultimate 125cc motorbike - Aprilia RS4 125

James on coolest 50cc - Aprilia MTR

Derek with the most technologically advanced 3 wheeler available - MP3 500 Sport ABS/ASR

Neil part exchanged his GTS 2006 for GTS Super 2016 ABS/ASR with personalized accessories.s

Mr & Mrs Green are getting ready for scooter rally on brand new GTS Super 300 ABS/ASR :)

Dee needed a transport for work - we had a perfect solution, Piaggio Fly 3V

It doesn't matter if you are junior or senior, Vespa is always good! Tim is enjoying his brand new GTS Super ABS/ASR

Eoghan with his brand new timeless PX 150

Darren moves from 3 wheels to 2 with his new GTS 300

Ravi with his brand new Piaggio Zip

Mohamed with his brand new GTS

David very happy with his new transport to work - Zip

Shaun clearly happy with brand new timeless PX

Colour coordination is very important to Rhys with his SR Motard 50

Beth with her beautiful Prima 50

Luke on the quickest 50cc - Aprilia SR50R

Mr Whitehead has come backed for more - this time the best sporty 50cc - Runner

Ray is going 3 wheels on the Piaggio MP3 Yourban

Gerard with his first scooter ever - the latest Piaggio Zip

Alberto with his updated Piaggio model, MP3 400

Duncan is going super economic on Fly 3V

David on the latest MTR 125 :)

Lamorna with her brand new shiny Prima 50

Mr Whitehead with one of the most iconic Piaggio models - bulletproof ZIP

Neil on the one of the best 125's SR MAX

Javier is back on the road

Daniel is ready to ZIP through the traffic

Dave is more then happy on his new Yourban

Mr Mitchell is back on he road on the one and only GTS Super

Stuart on the latest Super Sport:)

Mr Jones and the legendary Runner

Mr & Mrs Walker have joined the Piaggio family :)

Manuel is ready to Zip through the traffic

Omar enjoying the winter sunshine on his new Yourban 300

Christmas has arrived early for Luke, who has become the owner of a new Typhoon

Paul happy as always on his new Fly 3V

Jack has joined the Piaggio family on super economic Fly 3V

Craig is a scooter enthusiast and he knows what is the best! This time is the latest GTS in fabolous Laguna Blue

Michelle has switched from horses to scooters :)

Daniel on the latest RS4 SBK - nice :)

Michele has joined the MP3 Club :)

Dawn has become the first Reading customer of the superb New GTS Super Sport:)

Mr Lama happy as always on his brand new Fly 3V

Ollie has come backed for more - this time timeless PX

Hugo has joined the MP3 club

Jill has treated herself with the best b-day gift - the latest Vespa Primavera 3V

Rich has made smart move and bought the best classic scooter

Layla has become a fresh ower of ultra economic Fly 50

Giovanni on his way to London on ultra cool PX

Sherwin more then ready on RS4

There is a new speed demon in town, Alex :)

Great px Ivor ,MP3 to MP3

Matt is ready to go on the latest MP3 Sport ABS/ASR

Aaron has joined Vespa club:)

Peter is back on track :)

Runner to Runner - good px Mark

David has become the owner of latest Vespa baby - Primavera

Neel is ready for summer

James is going vintage on PX


Happy Narinder has joined the Vespa club

Scott goes orange on Super Sport


Ian is back on the road


From Zip to GTS - excellent choice Craig


Very happy Sam is going to FLY


Helene has join Vespa Family


Matt is good to go on NRG


Davelon has finally done it!


Romanka i Lukasz have joined Piaggio Family


After small delay Richardo is about to take off


Mark is ready for summer on PX


Kit is going Super Special Sport. Thank you Sir again :)


Philip is back on track


Burkard goes SPORT


Bobert Stimpson back on a Vespa PX

Steve Armstrong goes from 2 wheels to 3!

Andy Atkins-Smith Enjoying the power of his new Vespa after his part-exchanging his Ducati

Flavio looking cool on his new Vespa PX - Don't forget your bag though!

Darrens Sims with his new MP3 500

Emma with her lovely daughter is going to be Typhoon on the road


Mark is back from dark side


Andrew is finally ready to beat the traffic


Rych is going Super Sport


Philip Convery braves the floods on his bigger,better LX

Richard is about to take off on the latest Fly 3V


Matthew Stone looking modtastic on his Vespa PX125

Steve Potter moves up to a lovely new X10

Sam Lawrence with her new Vespa GTS 125 super

Pawel Trcinski is ready to roll on his new Piaggio X10 350

Ed Bullough kicks off 2014 on with an MP3 500

Alan Crease and his Beverley 350. Looking well urban... Innit

Jeff Gardner and the first Primavera from the Scooter Cafe

Bart is going old school on Vespa

James is ready for action on superb MP3 Sport


Elenor is becoming an independent rider on new Zip


Dan's dream came true - Aprilia RS 125


Mr Prater is going to beat the traffic with the style on LX 50


Adam happy as always with his new toy


Mr Stanley is ready to race on the lightweight 125 -RS


Hayden on unique Vespa S Sport


Phil on midnight blue scooter star


Mr Floyd is back from the darkside


Ben on ultra cool SR Motard


Paul is ready to fly on latest Fly 3V


Terry likes big toys so he bacame owner of MP3 Sport


Josh went pro on Derbi DRD Pro 50


Sabine has become happy Vespa owner


Rosanne is a true Vespa lover. This time it was LX


Lee is ready to go on the best 125cc sports bike RS4


Mrs Blackburn on the most economic scooter in the world!


Karl on the most powerful GTS


Jay on brand new limited edition Vespa LX Touring


Tim has become another Vespa lover and purchased brand new astonishing LX 3V


Mr Kirke on super quick SR50 R


Mrs Fox on the most economic scooter Fly 125ie 3V


Another Vespa Lover Natalia on gorgeous LX


Mr. Wight on the most outstanding 50cc scooter


Neil on Magnificent MP3


Andrea on super safe Beverly 350ie


Frederique on the newest Piaggio Fly 4V4T


Keith on his fantastic modded up Red PX


A Happy Mr Bosman "Liberated" at last!

Steve Brookes Drops his"L" Plates Congrats Steve!

Nigel and his brand new X-Evo


Adrian Moss returns to scootering in style with his new MP3

Gillian Gibson braves a fresh February morning on her Carnaby 125

Mr Martin is ready to go on his black LX


Mr Huse with his ultra cool GTS Super


Mr White and his super quick Runner


Mr Meston with his Piaggio MP3


Annette and her very pretty Piaggio Fly


Calum likes stuff with power, so he got NRG Power


Renato knows what is the best, so he purchased Vespa S


Andy and his fantastic Vespa S


Mr Floyd and his SuperB GTS Super


Gary and his lovely red Vespa LX


Mr Shanagher is ready to FLY


Mr Clayton is ready to ZIP


Mr. Earl and his agile Typhoon 125


Andy likes retro stuff so he became PX owner


Patrizio and his X9 500 (note the classic Italian Pose) Not only does Patrizio have fantastic taste in Scooters he also designed this website.
(the) Nick Heyward and his Vespa LX 50, What a Fantastic Day!

Roger and Faye on their way to the 2007 Vespa Rally in Italy on board their trusty Vespa GTS250

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