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We display the full range of Piaggio, Vespa and Gilera Scooters at our showroom in the centre of Maidenhead and Reading, however we believe there is more to being a scooter dealer than just displaying the models so offer helpful, friendly advice on every aspect of scootering including licensing, training, security, clothing and servicing.

The range of bikes is probably the most comprehensive in the market place, with engines from 50 to 850cc and numerous styles, each with its own benefits. This means if you are considering a scooter there will be a model in our range for you.

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Piaggio Scooters


Versatile & Innovative. The Piaggio range of scooters offer the ultimate in urban transport solutions. If you need a practical answer to your transport requirement, Piaggio will have it.


Piaggio Medley 125 ABS

125cc Engine

New iGet Euro 4 Engine

Dual ABS

Start & Stop feature

Large wheels with disk brakes

£3199 or £3299 for Medley "S"

The Piaggio Medley is fully loaded and technologically advanced, it combines the benefits of a lightweight high wheel with the comfort and and features of a superior class scooter. The Piaggio Medley is powered by the new IGET 125cc engine, electronically fuel injected, liquid cooled and with 4 valve timing.

Start and stop, ABS, Light Guide technology, huge under seat storage capacity. The Piaggio Medly was born to be a leader, embodying the values of quality, style and technology.

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Piaggio Zip

50cc Engine

Ride it at 16!

Extremely agile - perfect for the city

Incredibly cheap to run!

Adjustable seat height


Light manoeuvrable and easy to ride. The Zip gives you the freedom to nip along avoiding the traffic. Packed with great features the Zip is the fun way to get around

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Piaggio Typhoon

    50cc or 125cc Engine

     Low running costs

     Chunky tyres

  Convenient to use thanks to its compact dimensions and flat footrest

     Large helmet compartment

                                                                                 50cc £1999
                                                                                  125cc £2499 NOW ONLY £2199

This sporty scooter makes light work of city traffic and with its chunky profile tyres is just as capable in more rural situations.  With ample under seat storage and 50cc or 125cc engine options there is no situation where the Typhoon is not completely at home.

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New Piaggio Fly

    125cc 3V Engine

    Very economical

    Improved storage capacity.

    Lower seat height

    Compact dimensions

    £2499 NOW ONLY £2199

The new Piaggio Fly now aims to be the scooter that combines functionality and simplicity of use with the elegance of Italian design. The new Fly intends to bear the technical values and the design style, which make Piaggio vehicles stand out in the world. It is the two wheeled vehicle of a thousand uses and a thousand spirits, always at ease in any situation which city life may bring, from commuting to school and work to spending free time with friends in the most glamorous parts of the city.

The new Piaggio Fly modern engine 4-stroke 125 is characterised by high fuel economy, excellent performance and reduced emissions to make it fully environment friendly.

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Piaggio Liberty 125

125cc iGet EU 4 Engine

The perfect balance between performance,
accessibility and economy

Luggage rack as standard

Low seat height

Big wheels for increased stability


The New Liberty is the ultimate in continental chic - stylish and easy to ride, it offers a new outlook on city life. Available in 50cc and 125cc engine sizes. A sleek, retro style with large mirrors and a seat big enough for two, travelling around town will no longer be a chore.
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Piaggio Beverly Sport Touring

350cc EU 4 Engine

ABS and Traction Control

Absolute safety thanks to the 300 mm front disc

The maximum in performance and stability

Smoked windshield as standard equipment


The new Beverly boasts a stylish, unique look and offers safety and performance levels in line with the reputation of the scooter that has dominated the European market for the last decade.

Available with the latest 350cc engine, the Beverly stands out for its top end equipment and finish, Led running lights, massive underseat storage as well as combined ABS and traction control as standard - the Beverly is clearly a scooter designed to go places

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Piaggio MP3 Yourban LT 300

300cc Engine

Ride it on car licence

Ease of use, particularly with new riders.



Standard or Sport Edition


The MP3 Yourban is a compact three-wheeler with slender lines making it agile and easy to handle, ideal for moving through traffic easily and in complete safety.

Available with a 300 cc electronic injection engine, the MP3 Yourban stands out for its innovative equipment and finishing which is at the top of its category

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Piaggio MP3 LT 300IE Business ABS/ASR

300cc Engine

Ride it on Car licence

Unparalleled cornering stability & grip, particularlyin adverse weather or on uneven surfaces

USB Socket, LED Lights, ECO Mode, Ride by wire


Piaggio MP3 Business is the most elegant and exclusive version of the MP3 family, fitted with a 300 single cylinder, 4-stroke, 4 valve electronic injection engine ready to accompany you in your urban travel or long trips.

Dedicated to those who prefer sombre and elegant lines, it is characterised by details such as the chromium exhaust guard, the new brown saddle with dual material covering, the dedicated mirrors, the glossy grey finishing on the central tunnel, the handlebar and the passenger grab handles and the specific colour range.

Piaggio MP3 500 Sport ABS/ASR

500cc Engine

Ride it on Car licence

Unparalleled cornering stability & grip, particularly
in adverse weather or on uneven surfaces

USB Socket, LED Lights, ECO Mode, Ride by wire


The Piaggio MP3 - the ideal commuter scooter in the 500cc version, a powerful yet highly economical engine. Because of its three-wheeled design it’s actually classed as a tricycle, and can therefore be ridden on any road, with a standard car licence. Standard features include an anti-lock braking system (ABS) integrated with ASR traction control (Acceleration Slip Regulation).

The 500cc engine adopts the ‘ride-by-wire’ engine control system that gives the rider the option to switch between two maps - ‘’standard’’ and ‘’eco’’. Fuel consumption is down by 15% on the standard map and a further 10% on the eco, making this vehicle up to 25% more fuel efficient.

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Vespa Scooters


Classic & Stylish. The Vespa range, forever associated with the traditional scooter continues to evolve into the current technologically cutting edge range, whilst retaining its’ ageless charm.

Vespa GTS Touring

      125 cc or 300cc Engine

     12.2 or 22 Bhp

     ABS and ASR as standard

     Vespa Chrome front rack, Vespa Chrome rear rack and flyscreen as standard

     USB Socket

     125cc £4999
     300cc £5499

On the technical basis of the new Vespa GTS comes the all new Touring model, vehicle of great stylistic impact that draws from the mythology of Vespa travel, and ready to face all journeys whether city or country. The new Vespa GTS Touring is characterised by the evocative windscreen that improves protection without affecting - thanks to its small size - the elegance, while the front and rear storage compartments along with the increased capacity of the under-seat compartment, provide excellent load capacity to tackle memorable holidays, alone or in company. Touring proposes a dedicated logo positioned on the leg shield back plate and exclusive colour variation Rosso Metallic

Vespa GTS 300

300cc Engine

22 Bhp

ABS and ASR as standard

Vespa chrome rear rack

USB Socket


The Vespa GTS has no rivals on today’s market. Its 300 cc engine can deliver maximum power of 22 HP at 7,500 rpm and maximum torque of 22.3 Nm at just 5,000 rpm, ensuring quick throttle response and extremely brilliant performance in general.

The most powerful engine in the entire Vespa range teams up with a front and rear disc brakes and the ABS and ASR system for absolute driving safety. All this makes the Vespa GTS ideal for both big city traffic and long range touring, to enjoy in total comfort, whether alone or in company. Its exuberance is somewhat softened by the refined lines of the vehicle, which offers a sophisticated colour palette and formidable technical solutions: LED day running lights, new handlebar covering hake friezes grill, new saddle, new rear light, new analog and digital instrument panel and USB port.

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Vespa Sprint 125

125cc 3 Valve Engine EU4

Capable of 155 mpg!

Only needs service every 6000 miles

12" Wheels


Pre Order £3999

Vespa Sprint represents the sport-minded, youthful soul manifested in the new Vespa small frame.

With its dynamic body line and its characteristic rectangular headlamp, the Sprint recalls the legendary Vespa sport models.

Modern technology is combined with timeless design to give a distinctive and enjoyable way of driving for the contemporary “urban runner”.

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Vespa PX

125cc Engine

Characterful 2-stroke engine

Authentic retro styling

Sturdy metal bodywork

4-speed twist-grip gear change


The legendary PX is the ultimate retro styled Vespa.

The PX has kept all the classic strengths that have decreed its success over the last 30 years: the aesthetic of its essential, minimalist lines, its functionality and ease of use, the legendary robustness ensured by its steel body, the reliablity of a simple and indestructible engine, the iconic kickstarter, the (habit-forming) possibility to mount a spare wheel. At very first sight, the design of the instrument panel is clearly timeless, with everything easy to read. The saddle has been renewed, while the proverbial gifts of practicality and reliability that have always defined the Vespa PX have stayed the same, or rather have been augmented. Perfect for couples, it can take travellers of all sizes and provides a "sit" that's uniquely comfortable and perfect for controlling the vehicle.

The single cylinder 2-stroke 125 cc engine has CDI electronic ignition and an electric starter (though it's kept the kickstarter) and thanks to a new catalytic exhaust designed to reduce pullutant emissions it can comply with the most stringent Euro3 standards. In the current range, the PX is also the only Vespa to offer the four-speed twist-grip gearchange, a veritable must for the initiated, for no one who chooses a Vespa PX will sacrifice the pleasure of dominating the machine.

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Vespa Primavera 50

50cc Engine

100 Mpg!

Ride it at 16!

Underseat storage bay

Fun and easy to ride


The technology of the Vespa Primavera has been developed for better world. Compared with current “small body” models, it marks a step forward, which extends the technological content and construction quality: LED daylight running lights and rear lamp, new digital instruments including a trip computer, USB port and new front suspension damper hinged to the base.

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Vespa Primavera 125

125cc 3 Valve Engine

Over 100 Mpg

Only needs Servicing once every 6000 miles!

Fantastic fuel economy & reduced emissions


New EU 4 £3999

The return of Primavera, designed for the future!

More space between handlebar and the saddle, and the new saddle height for improved contact with the ground, make for even greater comfort for both rider and passenger. The increased wheelbase and length enhance stability, while retaining scooter characteristic lightweight steering and agility.

The compartment beneath the saddle easily accommodates a full-jet helmet, for a safer ride into the future.

ABS, USB port, LED daylight running lights and rear lamp, new digital instruments including a trip computer and new front suspension damper hinged to the base top off the equipment list.

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Vespa GTS Super

125cc or 300cc Engine

12.2 or 22 Bhp

Steel monocoque frame

ABS/ ASR as standard

12" Wheels

125cc £4799
300cc £5299

The GTS Super is the Vespa at its most dynamic. A vehicle where the Vespa design is enhanced with sporting details like the signature grill on the right panel, the black wheel rims, the analogue and digital instrument panel with red backlighting and the USB port. The sparkling 125 cc engine and the powerful 300 cc engine ensure the best-ever performance from a Vespa

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Aprilia Scooters


World Superbike Champions (as well as 47 other world titles) Aprilia brings exciting race bred technology to road bikes and scooters aiming to inspire riders with the same passion and sporting spirit as our racers.

Aprilia SR Motard

50cc or 125cc Engine

Supermoto inspired styling!

Large 14" five-spoke wheels

Excellent handling

Economical and fun

50cc £2099 NOW ONLY £1999 or

125cc £2499 NOW ONLY £2299

All the grit of an Aprilia Motard on an every day scooter. Street versions of off-road bikes combining the enduro bikes ease of riding with set-ups and performance for the asphalt

The SR Motard brings the spirit of great Aprilia Supermotards such as Dorsoduro and SXV to the scooter world.

Available in two engine sizes - the nimble 50cc 2 stroke or the more powerful 4 stroke 125cc. Both capable of bringing fun and sportiness to your everyday journey.

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Aprilia SR 50 R

Liquid cooled 50cc Engine

Outstanding performance and fuel economy

The world’s first race replica scooter

13” wheels shod with motorbike-
sized 130/60 ultra low-profile tyres


Since the launch of the SR 50, the worlds first supersport scooter, many have tried to imitate its winning formula, but none have succeeded.

The Aprilia SR 50 has always been the undisputed leader in its market. Through a continuous succession of technological upgrades, the SR 50 R has always been the benchmark for its class. The Aprilia SR 50 R has a string of firsts to its name: it was the first sports scooter, the first Racing Replica scooter, the first scooter with liquid cooling and dual disc brakes and the first 50 cc with electronic fuel injection.

True to its supersports character, the technical content and looks of this scooter have been constantly revised and continue to evolve to this day - just like the hypersports bikes inspiring it.

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Aprilia SX 50

50cc Engine

Ride it at 16!

Ultra-compact digital display

Liquid-cooled Engine

6-speed gearbox


The SX50 super-motard is a high performance 50cc machine. Powered by an engine of the latest generation and features the sort of frame that many big bikes can only envy.

Don’t be fooled by the size of the 50 cc engine. The SX is a real motorcycle and just at home on tough racing circuits as they are on the daily trip from home to school or college.

The design speaks for itself. The sharp, clear-cut lines derive directly from the RXV/SXV off-road style icons. The SX is on it's way to create a whole new fashion in 50 cc styling.

Aprilia RS4 50

50cc Engine

RSV4 Styling

Ride it at 16!

Quick-swap pillon seat available

Underslung Exhaust

£3799 Replica

The livery and eye-catching forms of the Aprilia RS4 50 echo the looks of the Factory version of the Aprilia RSV4 supersports bike.

The design of the fairings and tank, the unique looks of the front end, with the headlights suspended over the gaping air intakes, and the spectacular tapered tail fairing are identical to their counterparts on V4 1000 cc supersports model that set new standards in terms of style and technical content for the superbike segment.

Aprilia RS 125

125cc Engine

RSV4 Styling

Maximum Power

Class-Leading Handling

Under-slung Exhaust

Race Replica ONE EU3 LEFT £3699

The livery and eye-catching forms of the Aprilia RS4 50 and RS4 125 echo the looks of the Factory version of the Aprilia RSV4 supersports bike.

The RS4 shares more than just a family resemblance with the most hardcore street version the bike dominating the world SBK championship, the design of the fairings and tank, the unique looks of the front end, with the headlights suspended over the gaping air intakes, and the spectacular tapered tail fairing are identical to their counterparts on V4 1000 cc supersports model that set new standards in terms of style and technical content for the superbike segment.

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Gilera Scooters


There was no way over 100 years of motorcycle manufacturing and racing would not rub of on the current range of Gilera Runner. Through this sports scooter range the Gilera racing heritage lives on.

Gilera Fuoco 500 LT

500cc Engine

Ride it on Car license

40 Bhp

Stainless steel exhaust


The Gilera Fuoco 500 “LT” version, as with the Piaggio MP3, allows current holders of B category car licences to ride the Fuoco.

The Fuoco offers a more aggressively styled option within the three wheeled market and benefits from an immediate awareness of the Fuoco heritage.

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Piaggio Commercial

Piaggio Commercial

For a van that can….. This quirky Italian van is perfect for almost any use. Whether you’re a butcher, baker, candlestick maker or even a top Barista the Ape has got the lot.

Piaggio MP3 with Toolbox System

      300cc or 500cc

      Ride it on Car license

      Limitless solutions

front suspension
      Amazing stability

      Price on application

Piaggio Liberty Delivery


    Economic 4 Valve engines

    Cheap running costs

    Great handling

    2 years warranty

    Price on application